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Recently, the number of cases outside Ukraine with offers to sell the drug Dorzin has increased.


The news has been published: 18.01.2018

Recently, the number of cases outside Ukraine with offers to sell the drug Dorzin has increased.
Unlike Oksizin and Agrozin, Dorsin is NOT for free sale!
Selling Dorzin to the population is meaningless. The method of cold pressing, in which it is used, requires the use of road construction equipment: grader, recycler, roller. This technique cannot be used on small volumes of work in conditions, for example, a personal plot.

In Ukraine, the drug is supplied to road construction organizations that have the technology to work with Dorzin directly from LLC "Dnieper Association-K"

Dorzin is also delivered through the company - LLC "DorTechInvest", e-mail:, tel. +7 495 972 35 64. These companies have a regulatory framework for the use of Dorzin, skills in working with design and road construction organizations.

The name Dorzin is a trademark patented in a number of countries, including Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. As a developer and manufacturer, Dorzin is certified and approved for use in these countries.

To offer Dorzin for sale without the consent of our company means: to use our trademark. That is, to commit fraudulent actions against a partner, which is a direct violation of the law, which undermines the credibility of the brand and our company. Such actions contradict international norms and are criminal, for example, in accordance with the law of Ukraine fall under Part 2, Article 177 and Part 2, Article 229 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

We inform all interested organizations and enterprises that the drug is not sold to casual buyers. Delivered only to specific facilities, subject to mandatory technical support, which guarantees the correct use of Dorzin (M).

In case of acquisition of Dorzin (M) from third parties (firms), our enterprise does not bear any responsibility for the results received at construction of roads!

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