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Roadzyme - Soil stabilizer

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Dorzin, Roadzyme - a new generation of enzyme preparation, characterized by a very low surface tension, being an excellent plasticizer, reducing the amount of firmly bound water in the soil, reducing the absolute optimum moisture by 0.5-2%, and as a result increasing the building density of the soil by 10-15 %

Dorzin (Roadzyme) is highly soluble in water and is used to stabilize the soil at very low dosages - 0.002% by weight of the mixture to be improved. Such a dosage leads to a decrease in the surface tension coefficient of the solution to - 20.3 x 10-3 N / m, i.e. a three-fold decrease compared to pure water. Dorzin (Roadzyme), as an enzyme preparation is filled with amino acids and fragments of molecules, and therefore has excellent catalytic properties. The integration of high surface-active (plasticizing) qualities in one preparation along with its catalytic properties and ionogenic structural complexes makes Roadzyme a very effective additive for widespread use in road construction practice. The technical and technological properties of the enzyme preparation allow it to be used to strengthen the upper working layer of the subgrade and the foundations of pavements. As with new road construction, and with the reconstruction of pavement and overhaul.

The use of a stabilizer is expedient and effective, in the presence of well-equipped mechanical links containing, in their composition, a single-pass soil mixing equipment, such as a recycler, which ensures uniform mixing of all components of the soil mixture.

Stabilization using an enzyme preparation is possible on all tapas of soils, excluding clay with a ductility number of 14 or higher.

Technical and economic characteristics of Dorzin (Roadzyme) compares it favorably with other stabilizers by the following criteria:

The required dosage of Dorzin (Roadzyme) is 0.002% by weight of the mixture. The use of other stabilizers requires 1-3% by weight of the soil, and higher.
High solubility in water.
Optimizes and accelerates the process of curing strength of mixtures with inorganic binders.
It allows the compaction of processed materials to values ​​close to density at the shrinkage border, in the presence of powerful sealing mechanisms. The shrinkage border is the maximum density of the grain composition of the soil, at zero humidity. This ensures high rates of its strength of the finished material.
It makes it possible to save the amount of the most expensive component of the mixture - cement, by 30-50% while maintaining equivalent strength indicators.
In combination with such inactive materials as wet fly ash, in the amount of 10-20% by weight of the soil, it is possible to increase the frost resistance to 1 or more.
Plant origin of raw materials, which makes it the only environmentally friendly stabilizer.
This makes it rational to use it in areas with low winter temperatures, not only in foundations, but also in coatings.

The use of Dorzin (Roadzyme) in all types of terrain for wetting and road-climatic zones, it is advisable to implement in conjunction with cement, to strengthen the soils of the upper subgrade and the construction of structural layers of pavement, various categories of roads. It is especially advisable and effective to use the fortified soils of Dorzin (Roadzyme) together with cement to replace the foundations of road pavements constructed from expensive crushed stone, gravel and slag materials, both economically and technically.

The experience of using cement primers in the construction of road structures of high categories shows that the use of more than 6% of cement by weight of the soil leads to cracking in the reinforced layers of road structures. And accordingly, the appearance of reflected cracks in the upper layers, which leads to accelerated aging and destruction of the road structure. The use of Dorzin (Roadzyme) allows you to reduce the required amount of cement to obtain the specified strength of the structural layer, and is 2-6% by weight of the soil.

Dorzin (Roadzyme) is an environmentally friendly stabilizer, which makes it indispensable for the construction of temporary roads, access roads and sites, with the possibility of further restoration of stabilized soil without harm to the environment.

It is delivered only to specific facilities, subject to mandatory technical support of Dneprovskaya Association-K LLC, or to partner road construction companies with experience in applying the technology and trained specialists, which guarantees the correct use of Dorzin (Roadzyme), and the compliance of the constructed facility with current standards.

We inform all interested Road-building organizations and enterprises that the drug is not sold to random buyers, and does not go on free sale.

In the case of the purchase of a drug (or rather - fakes) from random suppliers, our company does not bear any responsibility for the results obtained.


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